The Gulp file generator.

Easily automate your next web project.

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Gulp is a command-line JavaScript task runner that automates your web workflow by way of self-scripted tasks. Quench easily creates those self-scripted tasks based on your custom input.


CSS Automation

  • Autoprefix
  • Compile pre-processors
  • Minimize
  • Remove unused CSS

JavaScript Automation

  • Compress
  • Concatenate
  • Convert ES6 to ES5
  • Lint

Images and Beyond

  • Compress Images
  • Sync browsers and devices

Gulp Options

Basic Options
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Now what?

  1. Unzip the downloaded project files.

  2. Use the command line to navigate to the project directory.

    On a Mac, launch Terminal. On a Windows machine, you’re looking for Command Prompt.

    To change directories, type cd followed by a space and then the path to the project directory.

  1. Run npm install.

    Both Node and Gulp are prerequisties for this and the following step.

  2. Run gulp.

  3. Code away!

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